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Products and Pricing.  

These prices are in Canadian Dollars. The Canadian dollar is only worth approx. 80% of the US dollar.  Therefore, if you are using US dollars, then you will get approx. 20% off these prices. 

basic package

Ricksycle Basic Package       Order Now!
Everything you need to get started. 
$2657.40  CDN.     

quad package

Ricksycle Quad Package           Order Now!
Everything you need to pedal with four people.
$4934.50 CDN

ricksycle and carrier

 Ricksycle and Trailer/Carrier Package   Order Now!
Includes basic package and rear trailer/carrier parts. (Canopy not included)
$3482.50 CDN                                               

The Ricksycle is a component based cycle, therefore any component can be purchased separate.  This allows you to add to your current cycle or build a unique cycle based on your needs and desires.  Below is a list of all components and accessories.

Custom seats for disabled riders are available and priced on an individual basis.

Order Now!  

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Standard 2 person seat 602.25
Trailer/Rear Carrier 825.00
RSL2124/RSR1424 - Pedal Unit - Right or Left 792.00
RSK2124 - Pedal unit for Children - Right 792.00
RSF24 - Front Steering Unit 471.25
RSRWL24/RSRWR24 - Rider Wheel - Left or Right 255.75
RSHB24 - Hitch Bar 90.75
Bionx S350 DX pedal assist kit 48V 2295.00
Water Bottle Holder 15.00
Mirrycle Mirror 15.00
Seat Belt 20.00
Four Point Harness - light duty 35.00
Four Point Harness - Heavy duty 110.00
Pedal Straps - set 30.00
Flags - set of 2 12.00
Canopy 350.00
Front Pannier Rack 30.00
Saddle Bags to fit Pannier Rack - 25 litre 85.00
Foot Rest 450.00
Pedal Drive System - PDS 600.00
Calf Braces 300.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.